Know Yourself…Know Your Worth

How many times have you found yourself in this situation?

Alarm goes off for work you brush your teeth, take a shower and look through your closet trying on shirts that don’t seem to fit . -OR- You’re getting ready for a date, and wanna look more than basic, so you try on a nice button up; yet you can’t figure out why two different styles of the same shirt fit differently, all the while you’re short on time…

Relax…You got this.2c3442f59dee5f00dca187a6dd87b640

The key to finding what shirt to wear is knowing your body type.

An Ectomorph, [Think Terrence J and Michael B. Jordan] a person with a lean, skinny appearance; An Endomorph, [an Anthony Anderson or Rick Ross] a heavy set person, somewhat of a round shape and larger appearance. Mesomorph, [Djimon Hounsou or Omari Harwick aka Ghost from Power],the middle of the two, has a muscular build with somewhat of a lean frame.

So… How is your body type relevant to finding the best shirt that fits?

Nowadays the culture of fashion is leaning towards apparel that fits and creates a slim silhouette that compliments your body. Keep in mind a dress shirt should always be comfortable. In order to find the best fit for your upper body, there are three types of dress shirts you can pick from. dress-shirt-1

The Athletic fit, most known on dress shirt tags as Slim fit, is a shirt with a tapered cut. If you’re more conscious about the way the material shapes your body, this is for you. The sleeves are tighter, and the overall fit gives a thinner midsection look.

A Regular fit is a loose fitting shirt. It provides space in the chest and  upper body  yet not too restricting in the sleeve area. Actually most shirts that don’t tell you what type they are, are regular fits.

Finally, a Classic fit is a free flowing [baggy] shirt that is preferable for men that like space in their shirts. Classic fit shirts are crafted with traditional tailoring. It has extra room in chest and  upper body that gives it a box like silhouette. This type of dress shirt provides more comfort over style. The bigger the shirt, the more you’re able to hide what’s under the hood.






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