Colours of the Wind

Fall is in full effect, women love this time of year for 3 reasons yoga pants, UGG boots and you guessed it Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Starbucks! Believe it or not fall is just as important for guys too.I figured it would be a great time to give some tips on what colors to wear for this season. I hope that these simple changes  help make your wardrobe flourish.

When you look into your closet ever notice how basic it is? I’m sure you have a lot of safe colors like white, black, and gray. Ever think about taking a step on the wild side and adding some warm colors to your wardrobe?

During this season, you should use more earth tone colors such as burgundy, green [olive], brown, orange, mauve and navy blue.These colors will not only brighten up your wardrobe but will warm up your self-esteem. Fall makes people moody, so adding some flavor into your outfits will keep your spirits up.

If you make a couple of adjustments this will allow you to look more put together and make your style interchangeable.

Now it’s easy to find dress pants, trousers and jeans in these earth tone colors. On the tags of pants they show 2 numbers [34 x 42] the waist size and pant length. But what about dress shirts, sweaters and trench coats? Finding your size requires understanding and knowing your measurements.

Most stores have button down shirts that are marked Regular, Slim fit, Medium, Large,  X-Large etc, (see my previous post about different shirt types) Ever notice on the tag the a number [17] then 2 numbers under it [34-35]? Well that’s the neck size and sleeve length.

 Being able to understand your neck size and your sleeve length will help you save time while shopping.

Here are a couple videos from our friends at Ehowbeauty & Tie Bar that help provide some extra insight.

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