Cuffin Season – part 1

Ah – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The leaves are falling and Drake speaks as your inner conscious more often these days. Cuffing season is now in session. Quite frankly it’s a phenomenon of natural selection, where the masses select different prospects to get you through the long winter days.

It’s kind of like playing Fantasy Football; you create your line-up from a pool of candidates and ride with them until the end of the season. And then once the season is over, you part ways…kind of.

Now whatever the occasion—whether it’s cuffing season, job interviews, work functions, or meeting up with friends for a much-needed outing—let’s make sure that you have outfits that are cohesive and consistent with your style.

In recent posts, I talked about finding the right type of shirt and exploring with different colors. Typically, you need to have a pair of black, denim navy blue, and khaki jeans in your closet. For the fall, these colors can go with any type of shirt. So, let’s go find a pair of jeans that fit your body. Now finding your pant size is simple. When you look at the tag suppose it says 36×32. The first number [36] represents your waist size and the second number [32] is the inseam length (measurement from your crotch down to the floor while you’re barefoot).

Just like shirts there are different kinds of jeans. You have skinny jeans, slim jeans, tapered, regular fit, etc. Skinny jeans are meant for guys that have slim legs aka they skip  out on leg days at the gym. Anyway, skinny jeans hug your butt, and give no space for wiggle room in the thighs and lower legs.

Slim jeans are for guys that never skip leg day at the gym. They feel like skinny jeans in the butt, yet it has more breathing room in the thighs and lower legs.

Tapered jeans are intended for bigger guys that have larger legs. It hugs your lower body while giving you more space in butt and thigh area. It also gives you a slimmer feel moving down to your ankle.

Regular fit jeans are meant for larger guys that don’t want their jeans hugging their waist. This doesn’t mean they’re baggy, it just means that it gives you enough room everywhere.

Another alternative to jeans are Chinos. Chinos are a lighter material made from a finer thread; they’re in between khakis and dress pants. They give that semi-formal look yet you can try on different colors like burgundy, olive green, etc.

You should be seeing growth in your closet. You’ve figured out what type of shirts work for you and now you understand what pants to put on for a great outfit.

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