Cuffin Season – part 2

Ahh post-Thanksgiving. Most of us are still recovering from the massive itis comatose that comes along from Thanksgiving leftovers. As you’ve already realized this week, some of your clothes may feel a little tighter than they did last week.

That’s not a problem, nothing some time at the gym can’t fix. Now if you’ve been blessed with ass like me, then you notice that jeans & dress pants don’t fit you the same way they do for others. Sometimes that can cause some anxiety, whether you’re getting ready for date night or preparing for an important meeting at work. What sucks is that your self-esteem takes a hit and you feel self-conscious like everything you have on is whack.

Everyone one is different. If this site helps you gain insight to become a trend-setter, then cool I hope my check is in the mail. But in all honesty, I want you to feel confident and comfortable in whatever ensemble you have on because you found your style. You found the clothes that work for you and your body. Some of us just want to feel confident in what we wear. Most importantly, you will feel that people are focusing on your thoughts and ideas rather than what you have on.

Last time we left off you dabbled and figured out what type of jeans fit the look you want. [see part 1] Now we’ll focus on dress pants and what shoes will work in any occasion. A great outfit should direct attention towards your face and help it stand out to anyone looking at you. If you think about it, dress pants serve as the foundation for any outfit.

Dress pants sizes are the same as jeans, (34X32). Most guys only have black slacks in their closet because we think it goes with anything. Most dress pants are made of woven wool, polyester, or cotton. For the fall, I suggest copping grey flannel, navy wool, brown, and a mixture of blue and green plaid dress pants. Try on different textures with different patterns to see what works for you.

One important thing about dress pants is the way it folds or creases as it touches your shoes. The break, as it’s called, is a personal preference for your pant length. There are 4 common breaks that you will see, (no break, slight break, medium break, and full break) which will guide you to find the right pant length for you.

Dress pants with no break is where the pant leg barely kisses the top of your shoe. You could think of the length being above the ankles. It gives you that modern, hipster European look.

A slight break is where the back of your pant leg is angled longer than the front while still touching your dress shoes. This is more of a contemporary fit that looks good on the average Joe and the modern businessman.

A medium break is more for someone with a conservative style, who doesn’t favor slim pants. You’re serious about your style and have a tailor that reflects that in their work. Most middle-aged men find this look appealing.

Finally, a full break, where the fabric sits on the ankles. This gives off a wise and seasoned look. Something for pops, when he meets Stella and helps her get her groove back.

Lastly the finishing touches, the shoes. We all have our preference in what sneakers we tend to wear but that doesn’t always get the job done. In every man’s closet you should have these four shoes. These shoes are useful for any occasion.

First,shoes we have the Oxford shoe, affordable and durable. You can wear them to work, on dates, etc. It goes well with any formal or casual look you’re aiming for. Next is the double monk strap: No shoe laces, just buckles. This shoe is suitable for more relaxed work conditions, or even a soiree where you wanna show out a little bit.

Chelsea boots are ones you put on to flex and stunt subtly. They can be worn also for work but normally it’s worn with jeans in any casual fashion. Maybe you’re at an art show or just out on the town with your friends, either way you will have a great outfit on. The fourth shoe are loafers. You see men wearing these during cook-outs or before they get ready to enjoy a nice round of golf. Loafers go well will khakis or any chinos that you put on.

With everything that you’ve learned thus far, picking out clothes should be more of an art form. It should be a feeling a sense rather, of what things work and what doesn’t. Take whatever masterpiece you envision and bring it to reality.

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