Beethoven’s 5th

Hey guys, Right now, we’re a couple days away from Christmas. I bet most of you are probably out right now trying to get last-minute shopping out of the way. As most of us know, once you step outside it’s like you’re walking right into a meat locker. Staying warm in this cold weather is key, so as an early Christmas gift from me to you I figured I’d give you all some tips about layering and some last minutes shopping ideas to get your family members.

As you’ve read, I’ve been able to help you create a wardrobe filled with different varieties of styles, size, and color. [Colours of the Wind / Cuffin Season – part 1]. You know when you were a kid and you’d run out the house to play outside, your mom would yell at you, “Don’t leave the door open and put a jacket on!” During this time of year, you want to invest in one or two jackets, a pea coat, and/or a parka jacket.

brosA pea coat is a timeless fit; created as double-breasted overcoat made from heavier material. It adds a simple yet sophisticated and chic addition to your wardrobe while keeping you warm. The reason pea coats are sought after is because of its versatile functionality; it works well with a dope suit and also if you’re rockin’ an outfit with boots and jeans on. Pea coats are durable and last for a couple of years. Now most people get pea coats in black, but if you want to switch it up you can get yours in a navy blue, camel, burgundy, or even a charcoal grey. Pea coats are popular pieces for outerwear because it does a great job of making you look good while keeping you insulated.

Ahh, good ol’ parkas. Parkas are what I would consider old reliable. When the cold weather gets unbearable, parkas are the last resort. Parkas have a relaxed shape that gives you space to layer up without looking bulky. This type of jacket works better if you get it in blue, green, or the traditional black. Parkas and pea coats are similar; overall you can dress in formal and casual wear and throw on either of these jackets to make for a stylish look. Though there are different styles to choose from, you should try to find the look that works for you. Rule of thumb for these options is they should not go down further than your knees or else you run the risk making them look too big on you.

If I’ve tickled your interest, you’ll be happy to know where you can find these gems. Stores like H&M, Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Express should have good quality clothing and of course vary in pricing so do your research to find the right one for you.

popsNow inner wear is just as important as outerwear. I still want to make sure that you’re dressing warmly. I feel like most of you are thinking “Gee thanks dad”, and all I ‘m gonna say is, “is you finished or is you done (Birdman voice).” Moving on, here are a couple of hacks that should be useful. The suits in your closet I’m guessing are probably a cotton or polyester blend. You should invest in maybe 1-2 wool suits that way you have some variety for each season.

With all the ugly sweater parties that are going on you’ve probably found some sweaters that somewhat look nice. I suggest investing in a couple different ones that are solid colors, warm, and lightweight. The places I mentioned earlier should be able to provide with diverse selection.

Now if you feel like you’re still missing a gift for someone, a small accessory should suffice. You might want to look into wool ties, or a cool scarf to help turn any boring outfit into a stellar one. Well now you have some key last minute ideas for Christmas gifts.

You know this feels like the moment in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, where he’s taught you something and then gets ready to leave by signing off with some catch phrase. Well boys and girls it’s time to say goodbye, until next time. Happy Holidays…

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