Too Much Sauce

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great time during the holidays. I know you all are chomping at the bit to know what’s inside my closet. Well I wanna do is get started with thatyup

So a couple of days ago, I recently had an insightful shopping experience. There wasn’t anything incredible that happened but just a couple of things that dawned on me at that moment. You ever go to a clothing store to get a couple of things tailored and altered, and find yourself looking at more shirts and ties that you wanna buy? Like you start looking—putting together dress shirt and tie combos—next  thing you know you’re like damn this looks dope! I should get that… Are we really gonna pretend like I’m the only one that does this while out shopping, you don’t have to front. There, don’t you feel better? Anyway, as I left with my purchases in hand I thought about my closet and what in my closet would work with those combos I bought.

Then it dawned on me; normally when I go shopping I try to figure out what shirt or pair of jeans goes with what I already have in my closet. Do I build from there or just find myself buying a new outfit cuz nothing in my closet goes with what I just bought?

Everything should work with everything in your creative manner. Ultimately that’s how your closet should be. Follow me closely: You want a wardrobe where everything (shirt, pant, shoes etc.) builds to every piece in your closet. Think about it, let’s say I went to Nordstrom, found a couple of shirts they have on display, then I saw some ties that would match. Do I need to buy another pair of jeans or dress pants to make it an outfit or rather buy what I have cuz I know I have things in my closet that go with that?

The intentionality of being able to build a closet where things go together is so that buying more isn’t adding clutter to your closet, where it falls into the abyss of things that don’t fit or don’t match with anything.

So back to me. When I look at my closet, I see a studio, a blank canvas with different paints and spray cans sitting on a stool. I see an orchestra of different instruments, and I’m the producer, the artist, the composer. Literally everything I have in my closet, from jackets to blazers, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, jeans, dress pants, joggers, Jordan’s, Timbs, boots, wing tip dress shoes etc. all work cohesively. When I wear that masterpiece that I just created—my Michelangelo, my Da Vinci, my Hebrew Brantley (check him out)—I mean, you know that feeling when you out here flexing and you wanna JuJu on that beat, hit them folks, cuz you got too much sauce. (hold the applause) [thank you thank you you’re far to kind]

So, you get it? That’s what my closet is, a realm of creative genius and ingenuity. My aim is to help you to create your own Sistine Chapel. I didn’t have the opportunity to show you my closet in detail but moving forward I will be showing you my masterpieces as I wear them. So, sit tight and stay tuned. (doesn’t it feel like waiting for J. Cole to drop another album kinda, or is that just me?) [Kanye shrugs]

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