The Glory is in You

Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going – Pharrell Williams

Today’s mainstream fashion is expensive; its brand names, tight-fitting clothes; it’s what’s always trending, who wore it better; copycat.

For me it isn’t about the brands, it’s one of the ways I express myself. Fashion is the way I create art in my head. I can see a masterpiece when the only thing some can envision is a blank canvas. I don’t know, but my mind has always been like this since I was little. I always tried to put things together but didn’t have the means or understanding like I do now. Growing up I never had the newest Jordans or designer jeans. The “cool kids” were some of my peers that I envied; they always had the freshest gear. So, at a young age you have this struggle to be cool, accepted, and to accept yourself. As a kid I always thought if I had those things I would be able to fit in…Fast forward to now and that’s not the case.

See 3what you see is confidence, sureness, belief in being able to be comfortable with myself all wrapped up in this outfit. I’m not dressing up to fit in nor for opinions of others. I simply like to look good, I mean who doesn’t? I know that anything that I wear I look great in. So without further ado let’s take a close look into this piece; and as promised I will give you the plug so you can go and find these on your own. Remember, brands don’t matter if you can look dope with quality material at an affordable price.

5Normally you see guys with a black or camel pea-coats, but navy blue works with anything in your closet, especially in the winter time. This one in particular is very simple, it fits well even though it looks pretty big. Material wise, it’s made to keep you warm but if you wear something else underneath, like a sweater or vest, you won’t burn up or look bulky.

2Next is the wool sweater. Now the sizes for this sweater run a little big but it works. I like this sweater because I can wear it by itself or put a dress shirt underneath and wear it for any occasion. Now, wanna guess where I got both the sweater and pea-coat? H&M. [Disclaimer: H&M is hit or miss, because so many people shop there. It’s a great place to get basic pieces to help build your closet. I’m all about the bargains so I look for the sales rather than what’s new.]

If you look at my jeans, this first thing you notice is the color. It’s a dark blue wash. Sometimes it can pass for black depending on the lighting in the room. These jeans in particular are slim fit and made by Joe’s Jeans. Now, Joes Jeans aren’t cheap at all. But as I mentioned earlier, the quality of their jeans are pretty good and worth the investment. Work with me here, if that doesn’t work for you feel free to cop a pair of Levi’s, AGs or chinos to help balance the look for you.

Lastly you have the shoes, Ted Baker Wingtips Oxfords. The shoes give a unique European feel to my outfit. I mean I could’ve worn shoes from other brands (Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan, Johnston & Murphy, Hugo Boss etc.) but to each their own, right? Like most shoes, it takes a while to break’em in but once you do they feel awesome. What I admire about this pair is the remarkable detail on the soles and inside on the shoes. You could say it’s like its own signature pattern for each pair. You can find these shoes online of course and pay hundreds of dollars for them, or just go to a Nordstrom Rack where it won’t be cheap but it’ll be affordable.

4And there you have it. You now have some insight into where you can find pieces and others at your own discretion. Oh and one final thing before I forget. Please do your own research. I find it easier to understand what I like when looking for new things to try if I’m familiar with a certain brand. So instead of a trip to the mall being the bane of your existence, the next time will be a dope experience.

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