Starry Night in Merlot

Every man needs a good statement outfit. It varies for the occasion, but sometimes you just want to step outside the box and set a new standard. Being that it’s winter, a good piece that never fails is a cardigan sweater. Now anyone can put on a cardigan with some slacks, jeans, shoes and call it a day. But we’re not here to look like everyone else.  Anyway, the idea of a statement outfit comes from your imagination; it’s the look you see someone else with but you think to yourself “I can make that look so much better.” You know when you’re on Instagram, flickering through your feed of whoever you follow, and see that celebrity/public figure. You checkout their latest post and see those dope pair of shoes that you wish you could have; or you see that shirt from one post and jeans from another and think that they would make the perfect outfit… Yeah we all do this, not only through social media but also television.

I was watching a Pepsi Super bowl commercial and I saw an outfit that Von Miller had on. Now most of you probably overlooked the outfit because you’re focusing on the advertisement. But after this you’ll possibly go back and YouTube it to see what I was talking about. Anyway, the look was really simple but because of the different patterns and accessories he had on it was honestly something I had to recreate and refine for my own use.

So, I give you Ode to Von. file_002 I not only wanted to introduce you to my version of the look Von Miller had but I wanted to give you different options with it of course.

file_001This first selection you have a light camel cardigan from Gap, Ben Sherman dress shirt, tie by 1901, black leather boots by Prada and Joes Jeans. What I really like about this outfit are the unique patterns each piece contributes to building this statement outfit. See the grainy pattern and knitted texture of the cardigan complimented with the blurred windy pattern light blue paisley dress shirt, allows your eye to be drawn to the darker blue tie with a unique flare in its bicycle. It’s kinda like you’re out by the beach looking at the night sky. I mean for me, when I put it all together it I feel like I’m apart of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Now here’s another alternative. file_000file_003

Here you have a burgundy cardigan by Merona, aka Target, white dress shirt by Van Heusen, tie by Penguin, Joes Jeans, and brown boots by Robert Wayne. When I think about this look a see a sunset over a water. Sitting there watching as the sky melts into this burgundy shade, the sun begins its descent; its golden light touches your skin as its final moments dissipate to a white silhouette when night falls. The diamond like pattern on the cardigan reminds me of the sky. Paired with the tie that gives a slight golden flare,  the white dress shirt gives a solid balance and focus, like the sun – timeless refreshing; like a nice glass of fine wine.

Both outfits are simple yet, the devil is in the details. The stitching in the cardigan, mixed with the different shirt and tie patterns make you standout more than the average guy. Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, for those that have plans, either one of these should suffice and your date should be more that impressed. Not to mention these would make great gifts for any occasion.

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