“The sun’ll come out Tomorrow, Bet your bottom dollar, That tomorrow There’ll be sun”, shout out to Annie.

For most of us we’re waiting for Spring with excitement. We wake up expecting the sun to touch everything within reach, while its warmth gives us a happier feeling to start the day. Lately we all wake up to these bleak days with nothing but nonstop rain and in some cases snow. Now and then we get a glimpse of hope; the sun is out except it’s still cold smh. Since we’re counting down the days until Spring is in effect, I figure I’ll share some tips so you get ahead of the game.

Most people would tell you either spring or summer is their favorite season. During spring nature is more vibrant, alive, and breathtaking. When you look around the and see the sky filled witih that cotton candy blue and the grass and trees with this green apple tint. In the fall and winter, you see some of the same colors but in darker shades – navy blue, forest, and olive green, etc. So, you should utilize more colors like white, grey, sky blue for the spring. Additionally, these colors keep you cool when it starts to get warm.

Remember when we talked about layering during the winter and fall? You had on different layers that complemented each other in your outfits and kept you warm? You can still have multiple layers on for your spring outfits. The difference now is you want to make sure the material you have on is lightweight.

A great investment is a light grey suit. It’s lighter in color and a little more casual compared to a navy suit. Light grey is the perfect suit to wear during the spring because it gives subtle focus to that dress shirt you have on. Here are some other dress shirts option that work well in the spring but with a grey suit as well.

As for dress shirts, some options that are always good for spring would be a classic white, sky blue, and of course traditional checkered shirts. cool


These colors leave you with enough creativity to add a dope accessory (tie, bow tie etc.) whatever tickles your fancy to put your own stamp on this look. See it like this, the subtler the shirt is, the more vivid the tie can be, but make sure your shirt and tie don’t drown each other out.Color


Don’t worry you can still wear your denim blue jeans – everything goes with blue – but you can also invest in a pair of white jeans. Both colors and fabrics are durable, and lightweight. They give you more freedom, because they serve as a platform to wear different pattern shirts (plaid, checkered etc.) and add a bit of care free and bold style to your look.  But be weary of white jeans the need to be they must be slim cut, and the hem should sit just above the shoe. Any tighter and it’ll be too revealing.

For now, you should have a nice grocery list to go off of to collect what you need to look great for the spring. I’ll keep feeding you more gems as the weather gets better. But for right now, since we’re in between seasons you can start to introduce some of these concepts into your winter collection and create distinct pieces.


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