Summertime Fine

There’s something special about the summer. For most kids it’s their favorite time of the year-no homework, no school, no worries. For them it’s like a magical time filled with lazy days, leaving room for fantasy and exploration.

As adults we love the summertime too. I find that people are much happier when the sun is out, not to mention everyone looks better with some color. It’s the season devoted to leisure and memorable times with the people you love. I guess that’s why you see more weddings taking place during the summer.

Weddings are great, but finding what to wear is another story. Whether it’s a formal wedding or a casual one, you always want to look your best. For today’s post, I want to present 2 different styles for a wedding.

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I find that a man should invest in a made to measure suit but also be able to put together the right pieces for an incredible look.

I feel like men tend to stray away from the phrase “made to measure suit” because most aren’t well versed in what it actually means. Most men are used to picking out suits off the rack, and most men buy suits for whatever event or occasion rather than for their personal preference.

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Formal – I paired this beautiful brown Hudson suit with a similar plaid-patterned waistcoat and white linen shirt, all from Suit Supply’s summer collection. Mixing patterns can be tough, but when you nail it, it’s a great way to make your outfit unique and not look so bland. Great look for meetings, dinner events and formal weddings.

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A made to measure suit is more of an experience than a product. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by an immaculate showcase. Expert fitters help you think of ideas about your taste and style while taking your measurements. You’re then introduced to luscious patterns of various fabrics for you to choose from, thus giving you complete say on every detail all the way down to the stitching.

When it’s all said and done you have an incredible custom made suit tailored just for you. The moment you put it on, you’ll notice the difference.

Things may not always go as planned, and for whatever reason you may find yourself having to scramble last minute to put together an outfit. We’ve all done this, I’m guilty of this myself. Whether you’re getting dressed for a wedding, or any occasion in general  here are a few keys to remember. Make sure the pieces fit and that they’re comfortable. Since it’s the summer, make sure to keep it light, breathable and bright. Linen and cotton pieces keep you cool. Have fun with what you wear and enjoy a good time.


Semi casual –  This look is for when you want to  show as much fun as you’re having. I threw on a plaid blazer from Original Penguin, and paired it with a blue horizontal striped shirt from Hugo Boss  to create a slim and sharp look. A perfect look for casual weddings, soirees and weekends.




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