Butch Blum

A couple of weeks ago I linked up with my guys, the Seattle Gents and we had the honor of partnering with Butch Blum; a Seattle based men’s and women’s designer shop in downtown Seattle. We were invited to come hangout, talk fashion and to enjoy ourselves with the other guests that showed up.



We were greeted by warm smiles, nice drinks with amazing appetizers as well as a lavish assortment of luxurious products. Throughout the course of the evening, many of us were able to walk through the entire store to get a feel for what Butch Blum really offers.




Combing through different pieces of clothing I started learning more about their products. Butch Blum has an exclusive collection that you won’t see in major departments stores. That coupled with an array of price points makes Butch Blum a good investment for those that prefer high-end garments.


See Butch Blum started out as a family owned business, their founders Butch Blum and Kay Smith-Blum created the aesthetic and taste that the store continues to represent in their products today. David Matsudaira, current owner, provided insight on how long the company has been in Seattle and why they continue to flourish.



All in all, it was a great time filled with lots of laughs and great memories, I even won a prize during the raffle! If you haven’t been to the store yet, I would recommend it. See for yourself what they have and what they’re all about.



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