Dapper 101 – Throw it in the bag

I find myself always on the move during the weekend. From the moment I wake up, get ready and leave home, I meet up with some friends for brunch; then move on to other events throughout the day. Sometimes I have moments where I just want to sit down and write some content or just charge my phone. Then there are other moments where I have to change clothes depending on what I have planned the rest of the day.

Sometimes bringing a backpack doesn’t cut. It’s like stuffing clothes and accessories into a small bag like a kid going to a sleepover. So I found a nice style hack that I thought I’d share with you guys, introducing Tip #4 – Throw it in the bag

Sartorial Sunday 4



A weekend bag is an upgrade from a backpack. It’s a practical item that gives a timeless look with some class. A weekend bag can serve as a gym bag one moment then a bag you can store things in for date night. It’s mostly used for travel when you’re heading out of town for a short trip but either way it’s easy to carry around and looks cool.



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