Dapper 101 – Attention to Detail

As the seasons change, you start to understand that there are some fabrics that can’t be worn year round. As it gets colder we wear more wool to stay warm; but as it gets warmer we flock towards linen and cotton to stay cool.

It’s important to take time to understand which fabrics are favorable during different times of year. This leads us to tip #6 – Attention to detail.

Sartorial Sunday 6

In the fall, cardigans are great because you can combine them with shirts that have different patterns, textures and colors to create a subtle harmony connecting all elements.

Linen fabric is great for the summer because it allows you to stay cool and comfortable in the heat.┬áIf you’re able to figure out which fabrics work for you during different times of the year. You will be able to curate amazing outfits mixed with different patterns and styles that will give you, your own a unique look.




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