Sartorial Sunday – Sock with a hint of spice

As I was getting ready for work I usually set out my clothes for the week. It occurred to me that I own more pairs of socks with patterns and designs that regular ones. I found it a bit nostalgic because as I kid I was used to wearing black or white pairs of athletic socks with whatever I wore to school.

Now being an adult, I’ve learned that there are certain sock standards that I unconsciously uphold. Maybe you yourself do the same, if you don’t then this will be a good tip to implement with you socks.

This leads us to tip # 8 – Sock with a hint of spice

Sartorial Sunday 8

Socks are key to help bringing your outfit together, they add a nice touch of personality. Nowadays you seeĀ  men well dressed with traditional black or grey dress socks which is fine. Granted there are situations that warrant extremely formal attire (i.e. funerals etc.) but outside of that white socks are an absolute no-no.

Wearing white socks with dress shoes is a touchy subject, everything has a time a place but for now steer clear of white socks. You should try broadening your horizons by trying new things. Instead of keeping things boring try to make your sock game more lively by incorporating colorful socks.

There are so many kind of socks, colorful, patternedĀ  non patterned socks that you will find some that work for you and a hint cool to your feet. Overall there good investments and very cost effective and will a nice of style to your next outfit.



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