Fall & Winter essentials -Thanksgiving Edition

For many of us the next 24 hours will be spent making final preparations for Thanksgiving. Most of the attention is focused on what we’re ready to eat, hanging out and enjoying quality time with loved ones. Though you may find yourself on the other end where you’re traveling to see family or got invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving.

Either case, I thought I’d help you fellas out and give some last minute tips on what to wear . If you need something to wear a good option is the cable knit sweater. Cable knit sweaters help add a bit of texture, character and personality to your wardrobe.



Sweaters have been a staple in all wardrobes way before ugly sweater parties. Cable knit sweaters  have always been associated with a preppy/ ivy league type of look; if you’ve ever watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then you probably saw Carlton sporting a few of them. Another great another example is Matthew Broderick aka Ferris Bueller who wore it well in Ferris Bueller’s Day day off. Anyway cable knit sweaters play a significant role in the modern man’s closet by being both practical and stylish.



Because of its unique knitting traditions the woven design created is a rope pattern. Whether it looks like braided hair or a spiraled cable, the pattern is durable and serves as an insulator during the cold harsh weather.


A cable knit sweater has a classic charm to it because of its monochromatic features that make it timeless. On men its natural and handsome if you wear well with a dress shirt. For women it gives them a look that says “I can wear anything better than you” type of vibe. Now if you don’t have anything to wear – literally- or prefer to mix things up and want a new look then I’d try these looks until you can play with it and find your own.



DSC_8683 As I mentioned before if you pair this with slim fit denim jeans or trousers you can create a vivid contrast that’s sure to hold its own across any dinner table.



In my last post I talked about cardigans as the must have sweaters for the fall. Adding a cable knit sweater brings versatility and a certain craftiness to your wardrobe, allowing you to be comfortable during the cold seasons. Stay tuned as I talked about all the sweaters you’ll need for all the seasons, until then enjoy your outfit and enjoy your Thanksgiving.



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