Weekend Brunch Moves

Seeing how we’ve managed to make it through the week, it’s only appropriate that we enjoy a well deserved weekend. Once folks leave work the only choices left are to find the nearest happy hour, head out of town for some fun or figure out what to do for the weekend.


What if I told you, that you could spend a Saturday afternoon with good company, great food and drinks. How does that sound? Well for most people it sounds like brunch. Brunch is the best time on the weekends, it’s late enough for people that sleep in, and perfect for those that work up an appetite getting things done in the early morning.





One thing I always have to factor in is what I’m going to wear. I mean you want to look good right? And since the weather is getting nicer, I can’t afford to rely on my fall and winter clothes. So it requires me figuring out which spring and summer looks I can wear now. In doing so I straddle the thin line of thinking out of the box versus keeping it simple. I want to look good but don’t want to do too much, after all it’s just brunch.


When I’m figuring out what to wear I normally think of two ideas, color and proportion. I try to understand what colors work with my skin tone and combine that with what fabrics flatter my body. Understanding these concepts allow you to create looks that enhance your skin tone and focus the attention away from unflattering parts of your body.

Lately I’ve taken a more eye-catching approach in terms of color. Right now some of my go to’s would be the colors white, navy, olive green, purple etc. together they’re a bright enough pairing that stand out and if worn the right way it gives you a simple and clean look. Fabrics to look out for to stay cool would be your cotton and linens.

What’s become a staple in many closets is some form of navy, whether a blazer, trousers or jeans, a white button up or jeans and some from of brown loafers. You can never go wrong with those colors but it’s good to see the different ways you can make it work.


For this outfit I went with a navy blazer, a cotton navy stripped collarless shirt, white jeans and brown loafers. If you look at what my guy¬†Anthony J.R. is wearing as well you’ll see we have on the same colors but we both used them differently and both looks are dope.


Both look like I said are solid. The white jeans I had add another point of emphasis for me to stand out; while the navy trousers Anthony has on adds for a smooth finish to his look. We both have on some kind of white shirt that focuses more attention to our faces rather than to our pants and shoes.


Granted this may not be the fit that you’re looking for. After all, you want to be comfortable and to some this may be a bit much. Well that’s okay, the whole point is pushing you to take time to try things out. Choose a different color that what you normally wear, see which colors work best on your skin tone and try to incorporate them into your outfits. Make sure that fabric you have on, makes you look good an doesn’t make some areas tighter or looser than the other.


All in all, have fun figuring out how great you look and only look to make yourself look better.


Photography by Nelson Yong

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