Right back where I started…

Hey, long time no see right? I know I know… okay don’t be mad, I know you’re probably wondering what have I been up to and why I haven’t posted in awhile. Fair! These are all valid questions I’d be happy to answer. I appreciate your candor, but for now can we sit back and bask in being here together?

*Sigh* Well I guess that was short lived right haaha?!

So where should I start?… So the last thing I think most people remember was the post in April or March about brunch with my guys. I think it was after that where things started to get rough. Like rough rough, like no direction, barely enough cash to pay bills and get by rough. Yeah I was struggling…


I was struggling to survive and not feel like a failure, but also creatively I felt like I was limiting myself. On one side I’m going through a really bad time (probably the toughest moments I’ve ever gone through) in life, where most people in my situation would just pack it in and give up. And on the other it felt like there was this ceiling on my creative genius that I could feel above me and I was desperately trying to break that.

As the Curator of Cool, I stated that I would help men, “curate their own cool,” by showing them how to build their own versatile wardrobe. During my downtime in the midst of barely supporting myself I took a second to really study my work. I simply didn’t see that I was holding myself accountable to that standard. I still felt like I was boxing myself into the same conventional ideal of menswear.


I mean, you’ve heard me say it before that menswear is more than just suits. But I couldn’t be totally honest to myself and say that I explored that ideal thoroughly to understand what that meant for me. But now I do or rather I’m constantly tapped into  exploring that ideal boldly. So that’s the good part, the bad part was that my reality wasn’t an environment conducive for me to change and grow.

As you know we all go through hardships,  I had to really go through some humbling changes, and really take account for the part I played in allowing certain situations to happen. Not only that but I wasn’t at a place mentally, emotionally,, physically, and spiritually where I was able to handle all this change that was happening. Being an introvert I keep a lot of things to myself. Like I keep things really close the vest and close friends and family were questioning what was gong on with me.

All the events that you’ve seen me attend on social media outlets are cool, but part of me felt that i needed to take a step back from them and focus on my needs rather than my wants. Sometimes you’re going to have to sacrifice what you want to do in order to handle the things that you need to do.

Anyway, somewhere along the way I learned to live in my truth and accept the things that where happening. Looking back, I think I realized that my circumstances didn’t define me nor what my outcome is. I had to also admit that I needed help and to allow others to really know what’s going on and let them help me.

See I told you it was a lot right?!

So awhile back I remember this thought that constantly would come up. When I had an event or had to go meet with clients that I was styling, I’d scour my closet to find something to wear, most of which didn’t fit anymore. So I had to “take time and figure out what works.” With the clothes I did have, I started figuring out a uniform that I could put on and from there I simply relied on the staple pieces that I had to create even newer looks.

That same idea of taking time to figure out what works was also what I had to practice constantly.

So enough about the past guys, how about we switch gears and  talk about what I’m doing now and what I’m working on?

*Deep breaths here*

Alright, so I’m not sure if you all know it or not but outside of being a creative I have two other jobs. Yup 2 more. I have a full-time job as a Financial Analyst for a tech startup which is great, then my other job is part-time as a style guide at Indochino.


This is Kason, a model I styled fora Scotch and Soda shoot


So fashion stylist, personal stylist, financial analyst, style guide, and creative director. Yeah I do a lot, but none of it feels overwhelming honestly. My creative side gives that analytical side a break and vice versa.

As for what I’m working on, I’m honestly working on doing more styled editorial shoots and building a solid clientele base. I have more visuals that I’m posting which is great but I also want to get my foot into the editorial shoot game and dominate. The most important thing I’d say that I’m constantly working on is a versatile wardrobe of staple pieces.

Don’t worry, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t come bearing any gifts?

I wanted to show you these 3 looks that give the fall some much needed color, without doing to much, as well as showing appreciation for neutral colors too.


Burgundy is a color is that is often overlooked. It’s smooth and works well with most colors if you know how to pair it accordingly. Why a burgundy suit? Well why not! Most people have seen the traditional navy, black and grey suits and that’s not me.

For the me a key thing is figuring out what colors work well with my skin tone. Once you understand that, then figuring out accessories, and other color combinations is the fun part.

With a burgundy suit I decided to add, a light blue dress shirt with funky paisley tie. And from there I let the art do the talking.


This second look, I was inspired to dress down a suit. I really wanted to feature the trousers but not make them a focal point of the outfit. For me trousers feel like sweats so I have no problem wearing them. You don’t always have to wear dress shoes with trousers, you can wear boots and sneakers as I did.

Make them work for you as comfortably as you need to. All I did here was add a nice sweater.

IMG_5318 (2018-11-09T05_01_43.773)

This is last look, has a lot of staple favorites for me. Look  you already know my cardigan game is top notch, but my sweater game is just as tough also.

Listen, there are days were I just wanna chill in sweats all day, this look is more of an elevated athleisure look. I’m always cozy in a sweater, so adding that with some distressed Levi’s is a simple fit. The reason for the boots is simple… I like dress boots and in case a I need to head out it adds a nice casual vibe to it.


More and more of my work will be touching all realms of menswear for you to see the cohesion that all parts can bring together. So whether it’s showing you my newest looks, or looks from my shoots, you will be seeing different styles of menswear from now on.

With that said, I’m back, I hope you enjoy the work that I will be coming out from now on. Don’t worry the blogs will coming and will be consistent. Stay tuned for what’s to come next month.

P.S. For 2019 I have big things in store.


Photos by John

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