Breaking up with your average suit

Hey guys, lately I’ve been working on some big projects that I thought I’d be able to reveal sooner than later, but life happens. Anyway, I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now.


Since the weather has changed in the last few months, I’ve had to wear more layers. I imagine that you all would need to do the same. When I was younger, bundling up for the cold meant wearing uncomfortable clothes that were too many sizes too big while keeping me feverishly warm. You remember Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone? The scene where he tried to walk to the grocery store is the perfect visual for how much layering my parents applied so my siblings and I wouldn’t catch a cold.

When wearing layers for the change in weather, we don’t really think about it, but we tend to focus on patterns, textures and fabrics. It’s these concepts that got me thinking, about using pieces in unconventional/ uncomfortable methods to create more options for the same look.

Recently I decided to explore this idea with suits. Now most of us tend to wear the trousers and blazer of a suit together; let alone in the cold would we ever decide to put a suit on. So, what I decided to do was breakdown that dynamic duo and figure out just how many options I could come up with using blazer and trousers.

Using the blazer of your suit

The first thing I tried I was figuring out how to wear a blazer primarily as an outer jacket. There can be a number of reasons for this to happen, it may be cold enough that your blazer keeps you warm and all your jackets are too big and heavy to wear all the time. That could very well be the problem, also because you may work in a warm building you don’t want to wear your jacket the entire day, so you take it off once you’re inside.


There could be any number of reasons similar to the ones I mentioned to substitute a blazer as on outer jacket. For me I know that I like to mix in different patterns and textures so maybe a ribbed cardigan would be useful, or a cable knit sweater etc.

Here are a couple of the looks I was able to put together.


Being able to use a blazer as an outer jacket add an extra dimension of options into your arsenal. Here in the pictures above, I was to curate simple looks that don’t give off that formal vibe like most suits do. You can easily trade in a pair of trousers for a pair of jeans and swap those dress shoes, for some boots or sneakers.

Trousers of a suit

Before you go all gung-ho on this concept, I’d like to trade these looks in to focus the different types of looks you can do with just the trousers.

Growing up trousers were always uncomfortable for me to wear. Because of the fabric it always made me hot and to be honest it’s just not as versatile as sweats. Or so I thought… Sometimes the end of the week rolls on by and there are days when I just don’t want to wear jeans.


Trousers are another option to include in your wardrobe. Over time they can become quite comfortable, and depending on the fabric and weather it may be lighter or heavy than you jeans, depending on what you’re looking for.

Throwing on that favorite jacket with a nice shirt or hoodie underneath will give you a nice casual aesthetic. Not only is it a great look but you can quickly switch into it once you’re off work.

Now that we’ve went over that, there’s one ore point I’d like to discuss. And that  is wearing different blazers and trousers with each other.


If you ever had that feeling like you don’t know what to wear, now you have a couple options to test and tryout. Take time to see which looks you favor and have fun doing so.

Time to time as the weather changes, we’ll review more options and different concepts to add to your style to give you more versatility.


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