Curate – Episode 1 ft. Anthony J.R.

So with the season transitioning from fall to winter, instead of providing more lookbooks, why not give you some style advice and inspiration from the Connoisseur of Smooth himself, Anthony J.R., debuts in the first episode of Curate!

I’m honored to have Anthony J.R. as my first guest. To be honest, the reason why I asked for him to be my first guest was so I could really prove that I had an eye for style.

When you first meet Anthony, the first thing you’ll see is his sense of style. He’d tell you it’s his uniform, but nonetheless it is one of a kind. Him being for East Atlanta, his style was a gateway to understand a deeper understanding to style.

I sat down with my good friend Anthony J.R. (@Anthonyujr) to discuss what style is to him. As well as being a media personality to creating the lifestyle brand, LaidBack Allure, we dive deep and gives details about his signature style;  Seattle’s aesthetic and at last the upscale experience he’s managed to create within the city.

One of the biggest takeaways that I hope you guys gain from this is understanding who your style icons are. Style icons don’t have to be celebrities, but rather there’s something about their style that resonates with you.

Take a look at his fits!

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