We are in an time where everyone expresses themselves through their personal style. In addition to that, for those wondering how to develop or simply upscale their personal style, this one is for you.

First we start here. Sometimes it can be hard figuring out exactly what to wear. But your closet may have too much of this color, not enough of these staples. Maybe you don’t have enough, and need to buy more etc.

There are moments when we’re getting dressed we think there has to be a way to find a look and make it yours. And also still be able to supplement it with different aesthetics and occasions… it’s called balance.

I sat down Ryan Webb to discuss what style is to him. We had a lot to talk about, first of course is being an assistant coach with the Seattle Storm, to being the founder of Seattle FAM and running CultureFest. Ryan spoke on sneaker culture, who has the most fly kicks on the team, and finally what inspires his look.

Being a Seattle native Ryan talked about what it means growing up in the city, and the secret to what’s overlooked about Seattle’s style aesthetic. When you watch the episode let me know how it helped you.

We had a great time, and I hope you enjoy it to. Check out how much fun Ryan had in the shoot!

Lastly thank you all for tuning in and showing your supporting. Please continue to share with others and give me your feedback in the comments haha!

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