Seattle is an interesting place. Like most cities it harbors lost of talented artists, creatives and individuals. Take our next guest, Porscha Shaw for instance, she’s lived here almost 5 years and continues to thrive. But it may not be a final destination for her or others.

Many that are transplants it’s a place to cultivate new memories and opportunities. Two, the natives of the Seattle area refer to it as home, no place they’d rather be. And then you have others, who have found Seattle to be a point along the journey to the real destination.  Can’t it be a destination along the journey?

I had to chance to chop it up with the illustrious Porscha Shaw. We sat down and talked about growing up in Houston, to being an actress in Seattle. Also I had the opportunity to talk about her fashion sense, women’s fashion and how using bold colors, patterns and accessories help make an outfit.

A big thing I’m learning is the many facets to Seattle aesthetic or style aesthetic. It’s a multitude of lifestyles, cultures that have fostered different aesthetics. 

In addition to that with the community of creatives within Seattle, I’m sure that Seattle’s aesthetic will continue to thrive even more.

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