The Last Dance Documentary

The Last Dance Documentary has brought us more together than we’d like to admit. At a time where everyone is in dire need of human interaction we look to sports as the catalyst brings us together with great moments of excitement and nostalgia. What better way to do that than turning back the clock to a time where basketball was at the peak of entertainment and competition.

The 90’s, well to put it simply, was a golden age of all things popular and mainstream culture. From Air Jordan, Reebok Pumps, Converse, high top fades and flattops, to wearing clothes backwards; Martin, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ahh yes, the “Clinton” years were a marvelous time for entertainment indeed.

You see during the 90’s, there were bold print patterns mixed with loud bright colors. If you look back at Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, music videos… anyway I think you get my point. Everything at the time was vibrant, baggy, and eccentric.

When you look at the NBA today, there’s less baggy attire and individual style is flourishing with whole new perspective. Most players have made a conscious effort to up their game whether to show looks that express their own personality or simply building their brand. We can all agree that we are here for it. The good, the bad, the ugly and the suit shorts SMH.

I wanted to revisit the 90’s, take a look at some of fly guys in the NBA and compare their style to their modern day contemporaries. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the captains and co-captains for each team.

Dennis Rodman vs. Russell Westbrook

The one thing that these two have in common, is not that they dress crazy. On the contrary both Rodman and Russ see fashion as an expression of art.

Most people saw Dennis Rodman as the wild child, because he changed the color of his hair so often. Maybe they thought he was weird for having painted nails, facial piercings and for incorporating goth and pieces of BDSM into his style. In short Rodman embraced gender fluidity and sexual positivity just by being himself, a free spirit.

Now Russ has a knack for being a risk taker and leaving us in awe. Russ uses style more like a psychological tool. Think about it who is more authentic on the court and in fashion than him? The way he drives through the lane in a blazing fury is the same way he attacks fashion, with fearlessness.

Michael Jordan vs PJ Tucker

Now many of you may be scratching your heads about this one but hear me out. This is a royal rumble. Air Jordan vs the NBA’s Undisputed Sneaker King. Both styles are authentic and original.

Let’s take Mike. See when it was game time, you’d probably catch MJ in an Italian suit and loafers. But outside of the NBA, and any other media/press obligations you’d, mostly likely you’d catch him dress down, in athleisure. Jordans grew to be a cultural phenomenon and at the helm you had Mike himself, who stayed in the flyest gear. When everyone wants to be like Mike, how can you not stay on point?!

Pj Tucker has become a household name in the sneaker community. Actually, he’s much more than that. In his own right he’s become one of the most recognizable style icons in the culture and fashion space today. Starting to sound familiar right? The mantra “Look good, feel good” certainly comes to mind when you think about PJ Tucker. On the court you can see his passion for the game. One could also argue the way he dresses shows his love for fashion. It looks so effortless!

Looking the comparisons between captains and co-captains, hopefully it peaks your interest on who else I have in these lineups. Let know your thoughts on who else you think should be included.


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