Maintaining the Cool

Spring season is under way. The sun has shown itself a little more lately while, the temperature is beginning to feel enjoyable again. For me that means trying to get my closet together and transition from all my heavy winter stuff to lighter spring pieces. Of course it’s easier said

Fall & Winter Essential – part 4

In this last installment of Fall & Winter essentials, lets visit the last sweater that’s most commonly overlooked and less likely favored. Now when I mention sweater vests, what comes to mind? Most of you I would tend to think envision those ugly argyle sweater vests, that nobody likes unless

Fall & Winter essential – part 3

For most of us it’s still cold outside while the sun shines, giving us some optimistic hope of things getting warmer. This winter is a cold gripping harsh reality that having the right pieces and layers are more of a necessity than just a wardrobe choice. A couple of posts

One time for OneTribeMag and Africanist podcast

For the past year my mantra has been “My black is beautiful” a constant echo to myself that all that I am is a gift to this world. No matter the adversity, my blackness is strong, is love, is culture (being 1st generation Nigerian American),  and is my own as

Fall & Winter essentials -Thanksgiving Edition

For many of us the next 24 hours will be spent making final preparations for Thanksgiving. Most of the attention is focused on what we’re ready to eat,

Sartorial Sunday – Sock with a hint of spice

As I was getting ready for work I usually set out my clothes for the week. It occurred to me that I own more pairs of socks with patterns and designs that regular ones. I found it a bit nostalgic because as I kid I was used to wearing black

Good eats at Henry’s Tavern

Almost a week has passed since I met up with some Seattle Gents, at Henry’s Tavern and I still can’t forget how good it was. Anytime you’re in Bellevue for some much needed shopping, catching up with some friends, or simply looking to get out of the house to sit

Dapper 101 – Eye of the beholder

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about what we were wearing that morning and where we got each item from. The conversation evolved into where to buy clothes of great quality without having to break the bank to do so. People tend

Dapper 101 – Attention to Detail

As the seasons change, you start to understand that there are some fabrics that can’t be worn year round. As it gets colder we wear more wool to stay warm; but as it gets warmer we flock towards linen and cotton to stay cool. It’s important to take time to

Fall & Winter Essentials

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. The last couple of months have been busy, hosting events, dinners, meeting more creatives etc. I needed time to plan things out so I could share them with you all. As we all can see Fall is already here. Leaves