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Sartorial Sunday – Sock with a hint of spice

As I was getting ready for work I usually set out my clothes for the week. It occurred to me that I own more pairs of socks with patterns and designs that regular ones. I found it a bit nostalgic because as I kid I was used to wearing black

Dapper 101 – Eye of the beholder

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were talking about what we were wearing that morning and where we got each item from. The conversation evolved into where to buy clothes of great quality without having to break the bank to do so. People tend

Dapper 101 – Dress your feet

I love sneakers as much as the average sneaker head. Over the years I haven’t worn them as much. Most of us work; that being said we wear some kind of dress shoes for those 8 hour work days. Overtime, I’ve gained an appreciation for dress shoes. The different styles,

Dapper 101 – Throw it in the bag

I find myself always on the move during the weekend. From the moment I wake up, get ready and leave home, I meet up with some friends for brunch; then move on to other events throughout the day. Sometimes I have moments where I just want to sit down and

Dapper 101 Tip # 3

Whenever I leave the home to meet up with friends sometimes I feel like whatever I’m wearing is off. It’s not like it doesn’t fit but it feels like it’s missing something. Everyone around me might say “you look great,” ¬†and but subconsciously I know something there is one piece

Dapper 101 – Tip #2

Have you ever heard the phrase, “clothes that make the man”; or how about this fone “dress for the job you want?” Even as adults, we judge a person’s appearance by what they wear before we even get to know them. So for today’s tip we present Tip # 2:

Dapper 101 – Tip #1

There’s nothing better than a three day weekend. As we begin September, the summer is still putting us on notice, letting us know that it hasn’t ended yet. — I mean who’s going to complain about more sunshine and fun days outside right? — As the seasons change it also